Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Space Rocks!

Huzzah, my order from the fine folks at Space Rocks arrived today! It took a while to get here as there was a slight hiccup from Royal Mail (they returned a bunch of packages that included mine for no apparent reason), when it was resent, it only took a week to get here (and I can't complain about the free international shipping!).

 The goods arrived in excellent condition from shipping, and the space station was wrapped with care.  As you can see, included with the space station are a few asteroids and starship hulks consisting of parts of a Victory class Star Destroyer, a Nebulon-B, and a Corellian Corvette.

As far as the actual quality of the casts, I think they're pretty good.  Some air bubbles were found in some of the asteroids that looked like actual deformities rather than features and the debris had a couple of air bubbles that were easily sanded and painted into damage.  The station though was a solid chunk of resin that felt durable enough to survive the rigors of being poked and prodded on the table as well as being transported.  However, my station was sort of out of alignment - the vertical piece of its hull looked like the mold slipped slightly when the station was being cast.  It isn't really that noticeable on the table to be honest as the round part of the station's hull and the shadow it casts will obscure the flaw but it's a little puzzling how that got by quality assurance.

Regardless I quickly set about painting the ship debris to make them pop out more.  I gave them the same light drybrush I gave to the station to make them less dark, and then proceeded to paint some of the crevices in the hull to look like they were still aflame.  Unfortunately, I believe I've painted them a little too enthusiastically as it looks like the ships are all molten inside - however, I can always claim that the reactor cores on the ships had failed, thereby causing the insides to melt.  Thank goodness for sci-fi explanations.  :)

In any case, really looking forward to attaching these onto stands and putting them onto the field.  They will look awesome, and the station will too once I paint in little details like lights and maybe slap on a couple of decals!

Finally, another package from the UK arrived today in form of a few WWII era 20mm MDF buildings from Charlie Foxtrot Models.  I will probably be writing about that in the near future.  :)